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About Me

My background

Anna Marshall received her formal education in design at renowned art academy, Otis Parsons.  Having grown up in a family of Beverly Hills real estate developers and being the daughter of an interior designer, she has spent the last twenty years involved in all aspects of remodeling and interior design.  

Today, Anna is the founder of Anna Marshall Home, one of Southern California's most sought after home design companies.  She understands high-end real estate, which enables her to create gorgeous spaces.

Working with many affluent clients, Anna has developed a keen sense of what her clients need and want to she is able to make even the most challenging spaces look irresistible.  Her clients joke that she should have been therapist, but the truth is, she is just a good listener with a goal to make the most out of each space she works in.  It's important to Anna to design functional rooms that look world class and feel comfortable.  She respects her clients style, and she is always honest about what she feels will make their space the absolute best that it can be.

How I got started

  My mother was an interior designer. And my parents started remodeling houses when I was very young. About eight years old and I started picking up on little tricks like the first house they sold, my mother said yellow is a happy color, and she painted the kitchen yellow, and she baked cookies when she went to sell the property. And everyone said oh, the house smells so good. So that was my first lesson on paint and something smelling good. From there, I watched my parents remodel about 20 properties within about 21 years and some of them are just minor remodels and some of them were from scratch new builds. So I really learned a lot from them and learned how to build, learned how to renovate, learned how to make things look better and feel better.  

My style

 Set up your home to feel comfortable, to feel good, to feel happy.  My two-week make over is really the secret....Call me and find out how I can help you love your home.


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